Rearsby Lodge Riding Club actively encourages members to take part in our very successful Dressage, Arena Eventing, Horse Trials, Show Jumping & Endurance Teams. Please get in touch with Team Managers for more details.

Arena Eventing & Showjumping Team Manager  Rachel Frew 07969 726967  [email protected]  

Horse Trials Manager  -  Celia Dyson 07545 870855   [email protected]

Dressage Team Managers - Claire Atkins - 07801 105419  [email protected]     Becca Smith  07802 680806  [email protected]

Endurance Riding Team Manager - Gillian Hasberry [email protected]

Sunday 25th February – Arena Eventing at Epworth Equestrian.

Sunday 24th March – Combined Challenge at Epworth Equestrian 

Sunday 26th May - Summer Showjumping at Epworth Equestrian

Monday 27th May - Summer Dressage at Epworth Equestrian

Sunday 23rd June Horse Trials Qualifier at Epworth Equestrian

Sunday 14th July - Combined Training Qualifier -  Elms Farm Equestrian Centre, Frieston Heath Lane, Caythorpe, Grantham NG32 3HD

Sunday 20th October - Winter Novice and Inter Dressage at Epworth


8th/9th March - Dressage Champs at Bury.

27th/28th April - Winter Intermediate Dressage Champs at Arena UK

Sunday 23rd February - Arena Eventing at Epworth

Saturday 3rd May - Combined Challenge at Epworth


Alice Smith was first to go and had an unfortunate stop on the showjumping and then flew round the XC but had the joker down.Celia Dyson just got wrong at the 9th SJ fence and unfortunately had a fall but both rider and horse were fine. Rachel Frew and Jimmy had 3 down and the joker fence which was causing a lot of problems but was nice to see Jimmy back after having a lot of foot problems. Helen Garner and Bella had 2 down and again the joker. They all rode so well over a tricky twisty championship course. Great to watch and well done to you all! Thank you for representing the Club.

27th May - Dressage Qualifiers at Epworth

Epworth again today this time for the Area Dressage Qualifier and more fantastic results! Our new Junior member Ava Brearley came 3rd in Prelim 7.  The Senior Open team of Becca Smith, Hannah Parr, Frances Turnbull-Neep & Gillian Hasberry came 5th. Hannah was 4th ind in N23 and Gillian WON N30 and subject to confirmation is through to the Champs in September at Lincoln. Hannah was also 2nd ind in N30, Fran was 3rd in Medium 61.  Alix Knight was 2nd in the Riding Test and 5th in N23.  In the Pairs - Becca Smith and Hilary Bowerman WON with a fantastic 70.71% just pipping the Welton pair by 0.71%! and also subject to confirmation have booked their place at the Champs at Lincoln.

Thanks to all the helpers and competitors for doing such a great job!

26th May - Showjumping Qualifiers at Epworth

It was a very long and busy day at the summer showjumping qualifiers and we had some fantadtic results! In the 70cm senior Sam Sanderson was 2nd individually.  In the 75cm style - Ava Walkland was 3rd.  In the 80 cm, the senior team was 3rd. In the 80cm juniors, Ruby Martin was 4th and Ava Walkland was 9th.  The 90cm senior team were 2nd and Sophie Hunt 1st individually.  The 100cm team was 3rd with Hannah Spray 1st individually and in the 105cm Hannah Spray was 2nd individually.  Well done everyone! Thank you for representing the club and thank you to all the volunteers whose help allowed us to compete.

Two Entries & Two Wins at Shuckburgh Endurance...

Well done to Gillian Hasberry & Mary Holland for venturing out to a very wet endurance event at Shuckburgh. The organisers pulled out all the stops to run the event including a massive re-routing.  Mary Holland won the 32k Novice GER  and Gilly won the Open 40km.

Day Two (Juniors) Of The Intermediate Winter Championships 28th April...

LIbby donger

BRC Novice Championships at Arena UK 6th & 7th April.

Sunday - The Junior SJ 70 team of Effie Berry, Maxwell Berry, Grace Triggs and Emilia Edwards all rode brilliant clear rounds outside in the gusty wind. The 2nd round was indoor and was a much tricker course, Effie had a couple of stops and the other 3 had 4 faults but the team came a fantastic 10th out of 19 teams with 85 competitors in the 70cm competition.

Ruby Martin and Maxwell Berry competed in the 80cm and jumped well but unplaced this time.

Super riding by you all. Great to watch. Well done and 'thank you' to Helen Garner for doing our volunteer help again today.

Combined Challenge - Sunday 24th March at Epworth...

We all had a brilliant day at Epworth and thank you so much to our competitors and helpers.

In the 80cm Lizzie Bateman was 2nd and Charlotte Cramphorn was 6th. Unfortunately Lily and cracker parted company which left the team unplaced.

In the 90cm Helen Garner was 2nd, Anneka Fisher was 4th, Celia Dyson was 5th, Alice Kidd was 8th and Ava Elizabeth Jamieson was 10th. All of the 90 riders jumped double clear and the team was 1st and have qualified for the championship later in the year - Well Done!

In the 100cm Sophie Hunt was 2nd with a double clear.

Well done done everyone and a massive thank you to our  pole picker and to Alice's friend Becky for fence judging.

BRC National Dressage to Music Champs - Friday 8th March at Bury Farm...

Claire Lewis competed in the Elementary Music on Friday doing a lovely test coming 16th with 68.65% out of 32. The marks were so tight.

Pair Hilary Bowerman & Becca Smith did fantastic coming 10th with 66.07% again the scores were again so close.

Claire Lewis competed on Saturday in the Novice with Points, was first to go and got a fab score of 70% coming 3rd just 2 marks behind 1st out of 28.

Fantastic results, well done to you all.

Arena Eventing Qualifier, Epworth - 25th February 2024...

A lovely sunny day for the first Qualifier of the year!

The 90cm team of Helen Garner, Sonia Wiles and Anneka Fisher finished in 2nd place with Helen taking individual 3rd, Sonia 6th and Anneka 12th.

Sonia was also in the 100cm and finished in 12th.

Well done ladies and thank you to Team Manager Rachel Frew and everyone who helped.


It was a very cold day at the Intro Qualifier & Music Qualifier at Arena UK, Grantham.

First up was Holly Chantler riding her 2 horses in the Intro tests coming 2nd and 4th. Rachel Frew competed in Prelim 2 and WON and subject to confirmation has booked a ticket to the Champs next March.

Music Qualifier - Pair Jane Wood and Hilary Bowerman WON and again have a ticket to the Champs next year.

Charlotte Cramphorn did really well after her music got very distorted over the speakers and the judge stopped her test, then the music went extremely loud and after eventually re-starting her test came 3rd.

Claire Lewis in the Novice with Points did a fab test and WON.

Jacqui Ludlam competed in the Elementary and came 4th (lovely music) and Claire Lewis did another great test and came 2nd.

Well done to competitors and volunteers for supporting the Club so well on such a freezing cold day!

Claire Atkins - Team Manager.


We had some great results at this Qualifier, so a huge well done to everyone that has taken part.  Here is a quick over view of how we got.

The 70cm senior team were 5th with Sonia Wiles taking 3rd.  The 70 cm junior team WON and have qualified for the champs and also took individual 2nd, 3rd and 4th!  The 80cm senior team were 2nd with Sammie individually 6th, Claire 9th and Hannah 10th. In the 80cm juniors Ruby was 2nd and qualified for the champs and  Jolie was 9th.  The 90cm juniors WON and have qualified for the champs with Ruby 1st, Oscar 7th and Megan 10th.  The 90cm senior teams were 5th & 6th with Celia  9th individually.  The 100cm teams were 2nd and 4th with Hannah 2nd individually, Celia 7th, Flea 8th and Eva 10th.  The105cm team was 3rd with Niall 3rd individually and Hannah 5th.

A massive well done again to everyone and many thanks to our amazing volunteers over the two days for the pole picking and stewarding.

Rachel Frew - Team Manager


Day 1 Novice Winter Dressage Qualifier

1st up Lucy Busby Powell riding 2 horses in Intro C coming 4th and 6th.

We had a team of 3 of Rachael Pickering, Amanda Jalland and Becca Smith coming 4th with Amanda 6th, Rachael 7th and Becca 6th individually.

Susan Oakes had a go at Prelim 7 and was unplaced this time.(sorry I didnt see you as was stewarding)

Individual tests for Rachael coming 9th, Becca 7th and Amanda 6th.

Well done to you all.

Day 2 - Winter Intermediate Dressage Qualifier

We had 3 juniors competing Ruby Martin, Grace Triggs and Libby Donger, all 3 doing Prelim 14 and Prelim 18. Libby 2nd, Ruby 3rd and Grace 4th in both tests.

Senior teams - Willow team of Hannah Parr, Gillian Hasberry, Felicity Vaughan and Anneka Fisher 4th with Hannah Parr WINNING Novice 30 and booking herself a place at the Champs at the end of April next year, Gillian on Grainne 5th, Flea Vaughan 7th, Anneka 12th.

Oak team of Helen Garner, Charlotte Cramphorn, Gillian Hasberry (Will), & Eva Carrier - 3rd with Charlotte 3rd, Helen 3rd, Eva 3rd and Gillian 8th.

Individual entries - Charlotte Cramphorn WON Novice 28 booking herself a place at the Champs in April, Anneka Fisher was 6th in N28 and Hannah Parr 4th in E42.

Well done to you all. Thank you for representing RLRC.


DRESSAGE REPORT by Team Manager Claire Atkins...  A super sunny day at the Lincolnshire Showground and a massive well done to everyone!

Karen Holmes was 8th, Hannah Parr was 7th, Lizzie Bateman was 9th and Alix Knight 20th. Initially we thought we had won then we thought we were 2nd but unfortunately Lizzie's score was added up wrong and we were 11th. After having all the scores checked again, our fantastic team was definitely 11th.

Hannah Parr on her second horse Jonty in Prelim 14 did a super test and came a fantastic 4th, just 1 collective point behind 3rd place.

In the Pairs, Jane Wood and Elaine Knight had some stiff competition and did incredibly well to come 11th.

SHOWJUMPING REPORT By Team Manager Rachel Frew... A busy day at Lincoln for the Senior showjumping teams

The 90 team of Helen Garner, Caroline Harrison, Karen Holmes and Sonia Wiles finished on a total of 8 faults for super 5th place in the team event and a special well done to Caroline for jumping the only double clear!

The 100 team of Caroline, Sonia, Hannah Spray and Wendy Parker finished on a total of 12 faults for another super 5th place in the team event.

JUNIOR REPORT...  In the 70cm Maxwell Berry was one of only 6 double clears out of 60 entries in the 70cm and had the second fastest time in the jump off but had one unfortunately pole to give him 5th place!  Effie Berry qualified in the Junior Riding Test with a  score of 81.4% to finish 16th out of 32!

Well done Maxwell and Effie!


What a weekend!

Friday morning trot up – unfortunately Annie Krumins horse Rio was not sound and was not allowed to continue. We were all gutted for them but in true team spirit took Rio home and came back to support the rest of her team mates all weekend.

Friday was dressage day for all.

90 team of Helen Garner (34.3), Karen Holmes (24.5), Celia Dyson (34.0) and Wendy Parker (37.5) all performed well and were lying 10th.

100 team of Tish Jerabek (28.) Caroline Harrison (33.0) and Claire Lewis (34.0) were lying 6th.

Saturday – what can I say it was wet!  Phase A – Road and Tracks, Phase B – Steeplechase, Phase C – Roads & Tracks, 10 min box then Phase D – XC.

90cm - First up Helen coming home clear with 5.6 time pen, Karen had an unfortunate stop at the 2ndwater, Celia clear with 4.4 time pens and Wendy clear with 4 time pens. Team lying 8th.

100 team – the weather still did not get any better and the wind started to get up too.

Tish had a great round with just 2 time pens and Claire clear inside the time (with 3 shoes!), Caroline had the worst of the weather with the wind blowing the rain in your face and the Steeplechase was then causing problems with the going getting worse, had a few time pens but clear cross country with a few time faults. Team lying 6th, with Claire, Tish and Caroline lying 3rd in their sections.

Both teams rode fantastic in unbelievable conditions and all came home safe.

Alice Kidd was competing in the 80cm as an individual, Dressage of 37 pens and clear SJ


As the weather was so bad on Saturday unfortunately for Alice all the Roads and Tracks and Steeplechase were taken out. Alice and Bill flew clear around the cross country just with a few time pens and finished 12th.

Trot up again for the 90cm and 100cm

All 90 team horses passed the vet after heart in your mouth moment when Helen’s Bella was held by the vet but a walk round was passed fit and Karen’s Luke deciding everything was so exciting that he caught Karen and cut her lip!

100 team – after Claire’s horse returned with 3 shoes we thought wouldn’t be sound after having shoe put back on but was past fit. Caroline looked lame but Sam looked raring. Unfortunately, Tish’s Roy was pulled up unsound by the vet after a nick on his knee was a bit swollen. But we still had Claire and Caroline in line individually.

90 team all jumped fab clear showjumping rounds with the team coming 7th. Celia 10th, Helen 13th, Wendy 13th and Karen 17th individually.

100cm – Claire Lewis clear and coming 2nd and Caroline 4 faults and coming 4th individually.

Thank you to Mark Garner (Pole Picking) & Sharon Roscoe (Dressage writing).

Great team spirit and a fantastic fun weekend had by all.

Claire Atkins

Showjumping Qualifier - 9th July at Arena UK - Report By Team Manager Rachel Frew..

Wow what a great day we have had at the summer qualifiers.

70 cm junior - It was a win for Maxwell Berry and subject to confirmation a place at the championships in September -Emilia Edwards was 5th with a double clear - Grace Tiggs was 7th with 4 faults - Georgia James was 11th on 8 faults - Elizabeth Betry jumped a beautiful round but with an extra fence so was technically eliminated. The team finished 2nd.

80 cm junior - Maxwell was 6th with 4 faults - Georgia was 9th with 4 faults - Rosie Spence was 13th with 12 faults

90 cm junior -Rosie was sadly eliminated - Poppy Spence had a some time faults along with poles to finish on 30 faults for 7th

70cm senior - Lottie Stimpson was 7th with a double clear

80 cm senior - Erin Clarke was 17th with 4 faults - Natasha Shelton was 21st with 8 faults - Lottie was 29th with 21 faults

90cm senior - Caroline Harrison took the win with a double clear - Celia Dyson was 2nd with a double clear - Alice Kidd was 5th with a double clear - Karen Holmes was 10th with 4 faults.  The team WON and have also booked a place at the championships subject to confirmation

100cm team - Hannah Spray took the win with a double clear - Karen was 2nd with a double clear - Wendy Parker was 3rd with a double clear.  The team WON and once again booked a place at the championships subject to confirmation

105cm - Hannah was 3rd with 4 faults

A brilliant day for everyone.

A huge Thank You to Helen Garner and Alice Springett-Smith for pole picking all day.

Dressage Qualifier - 8th July at Arena UK - Report By Team Manager Claire Atkins...

A great day at the dressage qualifier at Arena UK. We started in hot conditions and then the thunderstorm hit , then the sunshine and a bit more rain.

First up was Effie Berry in the Junior Riding Test, Effie rode very accurately and WON, subject to confirmation has booked a ticket to the National Champs in September. Juniors - Effie Berry, Maxwell Berry and Lavina Coulton all rode Prelim 7 and Maxwell was 4th, Lavina 6th. Grace Triggs was 5th in Intro C. riding really well with the thunder rumbling around her. Prelim Team of Tracy Walker, Sarah Nicholls, Hannah Parr & Harriet Tiplady were 4th. Sarah 2nd ind, Harriet 5th ind. Individuals Phoebe Booth was 2nd in P18, Hannah Parr 2nd in P14, Holly Chantler 6th in P7. Alix Knight did the senior riding test and came 2nd with a whopping 79%. Intro C - Susan Oakes - 4th, Kirsty Berry -7th.

Pair Jane Wood & Elaine Knight I think had the most testing conditions of the day with thunder and lighting going around them and the heavens opened. They pulled it out the bag and WON with 75% and also booked their ticket to the Champs.

Senior Open Team of Hannah Parr (Tinkers Boy), Alix Knight, Lizzie Bateman and Karen Holmes - WON and subject to confirmation have also qualified for the Champs. Lizzie Won her arena with a fab 75%, Hannah was 2nd ind, Alix 6th ind. Individuals - Sarah Nicholls 3rd in N24, Tish Jerabek 3rd in E43, Kerry Hill 7th in E43. Tish also had a go at M61 and came 2nd.

Well done everyone and hope you have all dried out. Thank you for representing RLRC you were all immaculately turned out and a credit to the Club.

Thank you to Helen Garner for dressage writing and Celia Dyson for scoring. Least they managed to stay dry!  

Endurance Team 9th July Competition

The endurance team made the trip to Cirencester at the weekend to ride 30km in support of the Leicester & Rutland inter-regional team. It was a lovely ride. Unfortunately the vets didn't like one of our horse's trot up at the finish but Emma & Hogan earned their Grade 2.

RLRC Endurance Team

What a day at the Area Horse Trials Qualifier at Epworth!

First up the 100 team of Anne Krumins (J), Tish Jerabek & Claire Lewis having to run as a team of three (due to 4th member lameness) but they  pulled it out the bag and WON and subject to confirmation have booked a ticket to Swalcliffe in August!

We had three teams in the 90cm team - The Red team of Helen Garner, Laura Garratt, Molly Tarris, & Celia Dyson - The Blue team of Louise Taylor, Sharon Roscoe, Natasha Shelton, Caroline Harrison (Sam)  - The White team of Karen Holmes, Caroline Harrison (Jack), Jessica Gray and Katie Lowbridge

Their Results were - The Blue team came 4th with Caroline individually 4th - The White team came 3rd with Jess individually 3rd  - The Red team WON with Celia individually 2nd and again subject to confirmation have booked a ticket to Swalcliffe in August.

The 80 team of Gavin Vaughan, Alice Kidd, Alice Springett-Smith & Lorrie McGowan came 5th with Alice Kidd individually 5th.  The 70 team consisted of Anna Edwards and Juniors Emilia Edwards, Maxwell & Effie Berry were 3rd.

It was a fabulous day with a fantastic team spirit that made us all proud to be part of Rearsby Lodge Riding Club.  A massive thank you to all our volunteers today -  without you guys the teams could not compete - THANK YOU!

Endurance Team

Endurance Team Success at Foxdale.

The Endurance Team had a successful outing to Foxdale over the Coronation weekend. The Team welcomed two new members and rode as a sociable group at an average of 10.8km/hr (mostly trot, some walk through a couple of wet, boggy sections and a couple of remarkably civilised canters). The weather was kind, they had a great time and were rewarded with a collection of good grades.

The Team is now planning entries for Ranskill, Notts (27th May), Kings Forest Endurance (2nd June), Avon Valley (17th and 18th June)and Cirencester (7/8/9th July). Please get in touch with Team Manager Gilly Hasberry if you would like to join them.

Dressage Championships 22nd/23rd April...

Report from Claire Atkins, Team Manager...

A day of stiff competition for the dressage team at the BRC Champs with 34 teams competing. The Team of Karen Holmes, Gillian Hasberry, Claire Lewis and Helen Garner all rode really well, but with marks so close in each arena were all out of the placings.

Well done to Sonia Wiles who rode individually in Prelim18 and was placed 5th in her arena and well done to Jolie Mitchell-Clarke  coming 6th in Novice 30 out of 25 in her arena and a fantastic 4th in Elementary 42.

Well done to you all and thank you for representing the Club - Claire.

Intermediate Show Jumping Championships 22nd April...

Report from Rachel Frew, Team Manager...

A great day at the intermediate showjumping Championships for the 90&100 teams. Wendy Parker, Molly Tarris, Sonia Wiles and Helen Garner where in the 90 team. A mixture of 4 faults and clears in the first and second round ment the team finished on a score of 16 for 10th place.

The 100 team of Hannah Spray, Amber Sarah Hollingworth, Sonia Wiles and Katie Lowbridge. Hannah jumped a double clear. The others had poles in the first round and clear in the second round apart from amber to finish on a team score of 8 to take overall 3rd Place. And Hannah was 9th individually

Many congratulations to all of you and Thank you for representing RLRC - Rachel.

Hannah Parr
Hannah Parr

BRC Novice Senior Winter Champs - 2nd April..

We had some great results at the BRC Novice Winter Championships at Arena UK on 2nd April with Hannah Parr coming a fantastic 3rd in Prelim 12 and Alice Springett- Smith riding two super tests just coming outside the top 10! Well done and thank you both for competing for the Club!


Rearsby Lodge Dressage Team
Alice Springett-Smith
RLRC Endurance Team
Gilly Hasberry

Endurance Team Success...

The 2nd April saw the first outing for the Club's Endurance Team at Haywood Oaks. The sandy tracks had coped well with the recent wet weather so the going was mostly excellent. The atmosphere in the vetting area was a bit electric for some horses so some high heart rates were recorded. Gilly Hasberry, Beccy Haslam and Charlotte Hall  had a lovely ride covering the 32km at a smart 10.3km/hr. Charlotte was awarded Grade 1, Beccy riding her versatile eventer, gained a Grade 2 at their first attempt at the sport and Gillly was delighted with a Grade 3 for her youngster's first competitive ride. The next  outings will be Foxdale on 7th May, Shuckborough on 13th May and Foremark on 20th May.  Please Email Gilly to find out more.

Endurance - Rearsby
Beccy Haslam

26th March - Combined Training Qualifier at Epworth...

Huge congratulations to Rachel Frew and Jimmy who represented the Club as individuals over the weekend at the Combined Training Qualifier.

A 33.39 dressage score in the Novice 27 and just one time fault in the 85cm  jumping gave them a win and a place in the Championships in May!

Well done Rachel and Jimmy!

A Fantastic Weekend At The Area Winter DRESSAGE Qualifiers at Arena UK

DAY ONE:  We had two teams with The Tulips Team of Hannah Parr, Dawn Muston, Beccy Haslam and Rachel Frew came 4th with Hannah Parr winning her arena with a ticket to the Champs next March and Dawn and Beccy were 5th in their arenas.  The Roses Team of Alice Smith, Francesca Broadfoot, Emily Rigg & Mel Eaton came 9th with Alice 2nd and Cesca 6th in their arenas.  In the Intro test Alice came 2nd, Kerry Donger 4th, Jessica Steventon 5th & Sally Ann Wright 6th.

In the Junior section Libby Donger came 4th and 6th in her arenas and Ruby Martin came 5th.

DAY TWO:   The Oak Team of Helen Garner, Frances Turnbull-Neep, Karen Holmes and Gillian Hasberry WON and subject to confirmation, booking a ticket to the Champs at Onley next April. Karen winning her arena, Gillian and Frances 2nd in their tests.  The Beech Team of Sonia Wiles, Gillian Hasberry (on her other horse) & Jade England came 5th with Sonia 2nd , Gillian 6th. The Willow Team of Di Poyser, Becca Smith, Laura Garratt & Anette Whitehouse were unplaced this time but did really well.

Riding as Individuals - Anette Whitehouse WON Prelim 18 & Jade England 4th.

In the Junior section Imogen Machin was 2nd in Prelim 14, Annie Krumins WON Elementary 42, Jolie Mitchell-Clarke was 2nd in E42 and WON Novice 30 with a fantastic 74%.

More Success At The Area Winter SHOWJUMPING Qualifiers at Arena UK


DAY ONE - The 70cm Senior team of Lorrie McGowan, Jessica , Natasha and Marie were 2nd. Alice Kidd took the individual 2nd, Natasha was 4th, Lorrie 10th, Jessica 12th and Natasha 14th on her second horse. The 80cm Senior team of Hannah Parr, Lorrie McGowan, Natasha and Jessica came 4th, the second senior team of Rachel Frew, Alice Kidd and Alice Springett-Smith came 6th and the third senior team of Natasha, Lizzy, Harriet Tiplady and Clare Snaith came 7th. Natasha was 4th indvidually, Alice S was 9th and Rachel 10th.

The Juniors did amazingly! The 70cm Team of Amber Hollingworth, Cailin, Ruby and Georgia were 2nd with individual placings of Amber 1st, Cailin 4th, Alice 5th, Ruby 12th andGeorgia 19th. The 80cm Junior Team of Amber, Georgia, Ruby and Alice WON with individual placings of Amber 3rd, Georgia 5th, Ruby 14th and Alice 21st.

DAY TWO - The 90cm Senior Team of Helen Garner, Grace Mulligan, Sonia Wiles and Frances Neep-Turnbull all jumped a double clear and WON to qualify for the champs!! Grace was 1st individually, Helen 6th, Sonia 8th, Fran 9th,Wendy Parker was also double clear for 10th, Laura Garrett was 26th and Jolie Mitchell Clark was 10th in the junior section.  The 100 Team of Amber Hollingworth, Sonia, Annie Krumins and Jade were 2nd and the 100 Team of Grace, Katie Lowbridge and Karen Holmes were 4th. Individually  Amber took the individual WIN to qualify for the Champs, Grace 7th, Katie 8th, Sonia 11th, Annie 18th, Karen 24th and Jade 29th.


Arena UK Qualifiers - Day One Dressage...

Report from Claire Atkins...  Well that was a warm day at Arena UK for the dressage qualifier. We had 2 Prelim teams, with Team Oak - Kerry Donger, Emily Rigg, Hannah Parr and Helen Garner coming 2nd with Helen 2nd, Hannah Parr 3rd and Kerry 6th individually.

Team Willow - Alice Smith, Danielle Marratt, Francesca Broadfoot & Becca Smith WINNING. Subject to confirmation will be off to the Champs at Lincoln in September, with Alice & Francesca 2nd, Danielle 3rd individually.  We had individual placings Danielle Marratt 1st and booking her a space at Champs, Hannah Parr 4th, Mel Eaton 5th and Kerry Donger 6th.  Juniors - Team Tigers - Ruby Martin, Alice Coxsey, Imogen Machin & Annie Krumins coming 3rd with Alice 4th and Annie 6th.  Team Foxes - Katie Lowbridge, Grace Taylor, Jolie Mitchell-Clarke and Amber Hollingworth came 5th with Katie 4th, Grace 5th & Jolie 6th.Individuals - Jolie Mitchell-Clarke WON Novice 30,, Annie Krumins WON Elem 43, Amber Hollingworth WON Riding Test and subject to confirmation have booked a place at the Champs in September.  Open Teams - Team Tulip - Emily Rigg, Kerry Hill, Jo Payne & Di Poyser were 6th, with Di 5th and Jo 6th individually.  Team Rose - Phoebe Booth, Francesca Broadfoot, Hannah Parr and Jacqui Ludlam coming 4th with Hannah 2nd and Francesca Broadfoot 6th. Individuals - Hannah Parr WON Novice 24 ad subject to confirmation with be off to Champs. We had two Pairs Jules Johnson & Dawn Muston WINNING and Hilary Bowerman and Becca Smith 2nd. Well Done to everyone. Great to see some new members competing. Thank you to Anette Whitehouse, Sarah Manning, Sharon Roscoe and Sharon's Mum for stewarding and score collecting so everyone could compete.

Arena UK Qualifiers - Day Two Showjumping...

Team Manager Rachel Frew was competing, so I helped out on the ground. We had 10 showjumping teams and quite a few individuals competing. First up at 8.30am the 70cm Junior team - Ava Jamieson, Izzy Sim, Rosie Spence & Libby Donger. A few poles fell and the time was hard to get but Ava was 5th individually and the team came 5th, 70cm Senior team - Natasha Tilson, Kerry Donger, Eli Vaughan & Gavin Vaughan. Again a couple of poles fell and the time was tight but the team came 3rd. 80cm Juniors - Team of Ava Jamieson, Izzy Sim, Poppy & Rosie Spence. Ava and Izzy had a couple of poles but Poppy and Rosie were clear but that time again was tight so a few time faults - Team 4th. Poppy 6th individually. Ruby Martin was competing individually but unfortunately the saddle slipped and Ruby nearly hung on but unfortunately dismounted until then the round was going well. 2 x 80cm Seniors - Caroline Harrison, Emma Connelly, Natasha Tilson & Sharon Roscoe. Team not placed but lovely watching Caroline's 4 year old going clear just with time faults. Jade England, Rachel Frew, Hannah Parr & Natasha Tilson. Team unplaced but Jade going clear and coming 2nd individually. 90cm Juniors - Katie Lowbridge, Cailin Weinman, Jolie Mitchell-Clarke and Poppy Spence were on fire with Katie, Cailin and Jolie all going clear. Poppy did really well just a couple of poles. Poppy's first time back after a nasty injury and should be proud of herself. TEAM WON with Jolie 1st, Cailin 2nd & Katie 3rd individually and subject to confirmation will be off to Champs in September. 2 x 90cm Seniors - Helen Garner, Hannah Parr, Felicity Vaughan, & Celia Dyson came 3rd with Helen 3rd individually. Marianne Stringfellow, Natalie Brown, Brooke England & Natasha Tilson were 4th. 1m team - Annie Krumins, Helen Garner, Jade England & Phoebe Booth came 2nd with Jade 2nd individually. Katie Lowbridge & Jolie Mitchell-Clarke competed individually both having a pole but great rounds. Niall Busby-Powell competed in the 110cm came 2nd. Style SJ Team - Hannah Parr, Emma Connelly, Rachel Frew & Celia Dyson came 2nd with Rachel Frew coming 2nd, Emma 3rd, Celia 4th & Hannah 5th individually.

Thank you for all the volunteers who helped today so all of our members could compete, thanks for sorting them all Sharon Roscoe and being there all day along with Helen's sister Sally and to Jo Holmes-Cole who again was there helping warm up the juniors. You were all immaculately turnout and a credit to the club and a joy to watch.

Claire Atkins

Rockingham Team Report From Team Manager Rachel Frew...

First and foremost a massive well done to everyone. It’s not often that we get to jump at these shows with such an atmosphere, and what a fab event it was. A day of tough long courses that caught out many people. No team placings, but some amazing individual results from Jade England in the 70 for 2nd. Francesca Broadfoot in the 80 for 4th and Annie Krumins in the meter for 2nd. Well done to everyone else that jumped. We are super proud of you all.

Aston le Walls Combined Training Team Report From Claire Atkins...

A great day at the BRC Combined Championships at Aston le Walls. First up Sonia Wiles in the Challenge 100 (SJ&XC). Sonia Wiles did really well with two down over a very tricky and twisty sj course and then stormed around the XC. Just out the placings this time. Sonia did so well after a nasty fall at Aston last week, with bruises to prove it.

Charlotte Turlington and Jenny Duffin were up next in the Combined Training. Both did great tests with Charlotte jumping clear and a 4 faults coming 7th and 8th in her arenas. Jenny did a fab 29.6 dressage, clear SJ coming 2nd by 0.3 of a mark.  Well done to all 3 of you. Thank you for representing the Club.

BRC Arena Eventing Championships - Saturday, 12th March at Aston Le Walls...

Our fantasic 100 Team of Helen Garner, Annie Krumins, Sonia Wiles and Claire Lewis did an amazing job at the Arena Eventing Champs at Aston to finish an incredible 6th out of 22 teams!

Helen Garner and Bella were the team trailblazers and had a fab round with two fences down including the Joker. Claire Lewis and Dorkus did another excellent round which was very close to the optimum time, with just two fences down including the Joker .

Then it was Annie Krumins and Rio, who did an amazing clear round and just  tapped the joker down. Sonia Wiles and Murphy were last to go and had another fabulous round with only one fence down and kept the Joker up! 

We are incredibly proud of this team! Well done to four amazing riders and four amazing horses!

100 Team Times

What Happened in 2021 ...

Novice Qualifier on Saturday... The senior team of Samantha Lacey, Jessica Steventon, Becca Smith and Gilliam Hasberry all did really well in very windy conditions but were unplaced this time. Dawn Muston also competed in N28 but was unplaced.   The junior team of  Amber Hollingworth, Alice Coxsey, Annie Krumins & Imogen Machin did very well  and either came 1st or 2nd - we are awaiting results.

Intermediate Qualifier - Sunday... The senior team of  Becca Smith, Gillian Hasberry, Sarah Varnam and Tish Jerabek came 4th with Becca 4th individually and Tish had a 6th individual placing.

Annie Krumins (junior) competed in N27 and won and booked herself a place at the Champs.

Showjumping Results...

70cm & 80cm on Saturday...70cm team of  Paula, Jessica, Stevie and Ruby as a junior had a lot of fun but were sadly unplaced. The 80cm senior team of Rachel Frew, Jodi McDermott, Celia Dyson and Jemma finished on a team score of 8 for 2nd place. Jodi was double clear and was 3rd individually. 

90cm, 1m & 110cm on Sunday...The 90cm team of Helen Garner, Molly Tarris, Celia Dyson and Felicity finished on a team score of 4 for 2nd place with Celia picking up individual 4th and Molly 2nd to take the qualifying spot to the championships. 

We had two teams in the 1m. Our first team of Sonia, Frankie, Amber and Jess finished on 4 faults for a credible 3rd place. Our second team of Helen, Hannah, Nicky and Annie were 2nd finishing on a team score of ZERO!! They were piped by 0.26 seconds however. Amber was the overall winner. Nicky was 2nd and Helen was 6th so a massive rosette haul here.

The 110 team were all incredible. Sonia, Lily, Hannah and Amber all jumped double clear and won and therefore booked their place at the championships in April. Amber was 2nd overall Sonia 4 th and Hannah 5th!

So a quick tally of the team results... 70cm unplaced  /   80cm - 2nd  /    90 - 2nd   /   1m - 2nd & 3rd    /  110m WINNER WINNER!


Arena Eventing Qualifier at Speetley Equestrian...

A super day at a chilly and windy Speetley and a massive well done to all our individual and team members!

First up was Carole Rudkin who had an unlucky 8 faults show jumping and did a lovely clear cross country but was unfortunately unplaced.  Junior rider Megan Pickering was up next and did a great job but was sadly unplaced. Our only 90 member Charlotte Turlington had a great go but it was not her day. The 100cm team of Sonia Wiles, Annija Krumins, Helen Garner and Claire Lewis did a great job and WON! (

Thank you to everyone for taking part and for all our supporters and volunteers who were a massive help!

W\inning 100 Team

The 100cm Team at Speetley...

Well done to the 100 Team of Sonia Wiles, Annija Krumins, Helen Garner and Claire Lewis who came WON with Sonia individually 3rd and Annija  5th. Off to the champs in March at Aston they go!

Winning 100cm team

Flu Vaccination Update From BRC - 10 September 2021

As part of the BHS, welfare of the horse is obviously paramount, however in the current climate the risk of a flu outbreak is at this time minimal.

BRC are therefore comfortable to remove the requirement of a vaccination within 6 months and 21 days of a qualifier or championship. This will be with immediate effect, however we will continue to strongly recommend a 6 month vaccination when attending BRC qualifiers and championships along with maintaining good biosecurity protocols.

In order to compete in a BRC qualifier and/or championships the annual vaccinations (12 month) and initial course must be correct as per G7 of the Handbook.  BRC reserve the right to amend these vaccination rules should another outbreak occur.


Success For the Junior Dressage Team...

Well done to our 14 years and under Junior Team of Amber Hollingworth, Alice Coxsey, Oscar Pickering and Annie Krumins who did so incredibly well. With a score of 71% Amber gained 4th in her arena, Alice's score of 64% put her in 9th place, 67% for Oscar and 12th place, Annie's 63% gave her 12th. It was a very tight competition with the 4th score coming into play for placings. Jo Holmes Cole did a great job warming up the team and supporting them throughout the day. 

Junior Dressage TEam
100 team


WOW what a day. We were really well represented today at the championships. We had Natasha Shelton and Karen Lloyd in the style jumping. Both jumped clear rounds but were just out of the placings. The 1m class was huge and Annie Krumins got the team off to a fab start with a fantastic fast double clear, followed by Hannah Spray who jumped a really good first round for clear but had an unlucky pole in round 2. Lily Walker did very well in her first round but even better in her second round to just have an unlucky pole on her lovely new horse. Helen Garner was last up who had an unlucky pole in both rounds but jumped amazing as it was her third ever round at this height. The team finished on a total of 4 faults and finished an incredible 2nd place as a team with Annie coming 6th individually and also the top placed junior rider with Lily and Hannah coming 4th and 8th in the juniors.

The day wasn’t over for Hannah and Rooney who competed in the 1.10m to have a very unlucky pole as the very last fence. They were part of the area 16 team who also finished 2nd and Hannah was 5th individually

The day of the Championships arrived and our team of Jemma Longsdale with Bertie; Natasha Shelton with Billy; Sarah Manning with Bob; and Jessica Gray with Shady had to be up bright and early as we were competing in the first section of the day starting at 8am. Although it was supposed to rain for most of the day, perhaps reminiscent of the Area 16 HT competition where we all got completely soaked, the day remained fine albeit rather windy!

All 4 members of the team produced solid dressage tests with scores in the thirties. Show jumping next, which slightly caught Jemma, Sarah and Tasha out as they all had 4 faults, and Jess and Shady had a great clear round. This set the team up very well for the final phase ... the XC!

The course was very undulating, and was not straightforward, which was to be expected as this was the National Championships after all! Jess and Sarah both had amazing clear rounds, although Sarah clocked up a few time penalties as Bob isn’t a speed merchant! Jemma’s Bertie took a dislike to the open ditch, flatly refusing to jump it at any cost and Tasha’s Billy also needed a second look at the odd fence before bravely jumping them, leading to a few unwanted penalties. Perhaps the early start for Bertie and Billy caught up with them!!!

Anyway, a fabulous day was had by one and all, and the icing on the cake was that Jess and Shady won individual 5th place in their section, so congratulations to them! And thank you to the whole team for representing RLRC so well and making it a day to remember!  Celia Dyson, Team Manager.

Claire Reports On Her Success in the 100cm

Master Wickham (Darsi to his friends) was one of only three horses to finish on his dressage score for fourth place in his section. The showjumping proved tricky and really shook the leader board up! The xc contained a decent “cardiac hill” and the time only achievable when taking the direct routes which really played into our hands being an ex racehorse who loves to gallop and jump! It was a lovely/very soggy experience and we enjoyed every minute! Thank you Rearsby for giving us the opportunity to represent the club and Nicki for being a great team manager! We look forward to the next one!   Claire.

Claire Lewis 4th in the 100
Claire Lewis on Darsi
Contessa Herself

Dressage Success For Katy Reddington...

Katy and Contessa Herself (Connie) went to Moorehouse Farm in Doncaster to give the Dressage to Music ago on 1st August and WON! They are now off to the Championships at Bury Farm representing the Club! Well done Katy and the beautiful Connie!

Katy Reddington's Contessa Herself

Area Combined Challenge Qualifier (SJ & XC)

The Area Combined Challenge Qualifier (SJ & XC) at Epworth EC, Epworth, nr Doncaster DN9 1LQ on Saturday 28th August.  Riders will jump a round of Showjumps and then straight on to Cross Country on grass.

Classes: Junior & Senior, teams and individuals  -  70cm - 80cm - 90cm - 1m ( all classes mixed seniors and juniors)

Horses Flu vac - 6 month +21 day rule applies ie. Last vaccination on or after 8th February 2021. Entry fee: £41.50  - Entries Close 5th August.

If you would like a enter, please see Rachel Frew's post on our Facebook Group for further details.


Team Manager Claire Atkins reported  a super day at the Area Dressage Qualifier with the following results...

Rearsby Oak team of Jessica Steventon, Jodie Jodi Kate Mcdermott, Hannah Parr and Becca Smith came 2nd.

Rearsby Willow team - Alice Smith, Rachael Pickering, Claire Gough and Stacey Clarke came 6th in the morning Prelims, with Hannah winning her arena. Natalie Lisiewicz came 2nd in the Riding Test.

Rearsby Beech Team of Jules Johnson, Jacqui Ludlam, Dawn Muston and Natalie Lisiewicz came 2nd in Nov/Elm teams.

Junior team of Annija Krumins, Alice Coxsey, Oscar Pickering & Amber Hollingworth WON with Amber winning her arena and subject to confirmation are through to the National Champs in Sept.

There were also lots of individual placings.

A great day, great team spirit. Well done everyone!


Team Manager Rachel Frew expressed how delighted and proud she was of everyone competing for the Club in the Qualifiers at Arena UK, with the following results...

70cm team of Natasha Shelton, Samantha Lacey and Katie Parker were 3rd and Katie was individually 6th.

80cm team of Hannah Parr, Sharon Roscoe, Carole Rudkin and Natasha Shelton were 2nd and Sharon was 6th individually.

90cm team of Helen Garner, Sonia Wiles, Alice Springett-Smith and Jo Payne were 5th with Jo picking up an individual 4th.

Annie Krumins picked up 2nd in the 90cm junior section.

1m - Running as a team of three, Helen Garner, Hannah Spray and Annie Krummins WON and have booked their place at the championships and Annie was the overall winner of this class as well.

1.10cm  Hannah Spray rode as an individual, did a fantastic round and took the top spot and booked her place at the championships

We thought Natasha Shelton and Billy had come second in the Style Jumping but the WON! 

As always a massive thank you to all who competed and all who volunteered to help out at the events.

Lily Walker

A Fantastic Result For Lily Walker...

After qualifying in 2020 at the Area Q for the BRC HorseQuest Arena Eventing Championships Lily Walker and Mum Tracy headed to Aston le Walls on 22nd May.  Despite the wind & rain moving as they were warming up and a huge 100 section of 80 competitors, Lily and Doogle (Party Popper) jumped a fantastic round over a technical course to finish 2nd in the junior section and 13th overall! The Club is incredibly proud of this talented combination. WELL DONE LILY & DOOGLE!

LIly & Doogle

LATEST RESULTS.... Horse Trials Qualifiers at Epworth.

It was just about the wettest day of the year so far and in atrocious conditions our Club Members & Helpers  did incredibly well...

THE 100 TEAM  of Beccy Binks, Nicki Grayson, Jo Payne and Claire Lewis had mixed fortunes as a team but Claire saved the day by WINNING the 100 section and qualified for the Championships.

THE 90 SENIOR TEAM of Molly Tarris, Helen Garner, Hannah Parr and Natalie Gerard again had mixed fortunes with some very good results individually. 

THE 90 JUNIOR INDIVIDUAL  Annie Krumins came 3rd individually but with the 1st and 2nd riders being in the winning Howden team, Annie qualifies for the Championships.

THE 80 SENIOR TEAM of Natasha Shelton, Celia Dyson,Sarah Manning & Jemma Lonsdale all did fab and WON as a team and are off to the Championships.

A MASSIVE WELL DONE & THANK YOU ON BEHALF OF THE CLUB to all competitors and helpers (fence judges)  including  Sandy Cornwall, Sally Sharpe, Marianne Stringfellow and Marie Hanlon and Marie's friend.