Rearsby Lodge RC Endurance Team

Endurance Riding...

The Endurance Team Competition is based on teams of at least three horses & riders taking part in competitive rides of 20 - 40km organised by Endurance GB. The season runs from March to October with a good selection of rides within a sensible distance of Leicester offering safe riding in beautiful countryside with stunning views.

The Club's Team rides at Novice level which means they trot for most of the route. Of course some stretches are only suitable for walking and these are balanced out with sections that are ideal for an enjoyable canter.  All the horses are checked by vets before before each team starts their ride and again within thirty minutes of the finishing area.

The best result (grade) is gained by achieving a low heart rate at the end of the ride, signifying a good recovery, coupled with trotting up sound. The results are entered on Regional League Tables and the best teams are invited to compete at the Championship at the end of the season.   

The Endurance Team Competition is an excellent way to try the sport with the support, encouragement and experience of the existing team members. If you would like to find out more, please email Gilly Hasberry our Endurance Team Manager who will be delighted to help you.