Welcome to Rearsby Lodge Riding Club's Camp Page.


A total change of ideas for Camp23!  A new choice of venue at Aylesford using their new temporary stables and a marquee for meals and activities as well as all their fantastic facilities.

Camp23 was in August and over a long weekend with a Day Camp for Juniors on the Saturday followed by the arrival of Seniors on Saturday night with their camp being originally Sunday, Monday & Tuesday but adjusted to Sunday and Monday.  Packed lunches were provided for all campers and helpers and a RLRC water bottle was part of the welcome pack for campers enabling them to top up from the tap near to the new showers at any time. Junior Camp had much fun with their trainers Jo Holmes-Cole and Tom Frey as well as a treasure hunt and rounders. Seniors had their training with  Jane Wallace, Sam Hobbs and Wade Barley and had a quiz and pass the parcel as well as a side saddle and endurance demo.  Both camps ended with Trainers' Awards being presented.


Camp22 for Adults was at Pickering Grange in the heatwave of July with some horses not arriving until the slightly cooler second day for fear of travelling in the heat.  This year we were all stabled in a new stable block near to The Piggery where all our catering was based. We had a new shower and toilet block and our camping area was next to the stables for the lorries and caravans with the tents being on the grass close by.   As well as the welcome lunch with trainers' talk, we had a quiz, a  brief (due to the heat) jumping demo with Sam Hobbs and Rachel Littlewood in the indoor shool,  a turnout demo followed by the most welcome arrival of the Ice CreamVan, gin tasting followed by a slightly 'loud' pass the parcel.  The pub ride was changed to a group ride and took place early in the morning due to the heat.  Camp finished with a presentation a variety of awards including the Trainers' Awards along with various medals and prizes. The trainers were Jane Wallace, Ginnie Turnbull, Wade Barley & Sam Hobbs.


Camp21 for Adults was at Pickering Grange in July of 2021 and was a scorcher! With the showers not working it was a bit of a challenge to keep clean and control frizzy hair but that didn't stop everyone having a fabous time. We had a welcome lunch, a pub ride, a physio and ridden demo in the indoor school, trainer's talk, a positive/confidence training session, a race night  and finally finishing camp with the Trainers' awards. The trainers were Jane Wallace, Ginnie Turnbull, Wade Barley & Sam Hobbs.